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There must bee a better way to commute...

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Introducing busbee, your daily commute reimagined.
 We've taken the stress out of getting to work.
 Scroll down to see how you can travel happy with busbee.

Bee Fast!Busbee, it’s like you drove yourself but without the stress. No worries about car parking or on road costs.

Bee Happy! Travel with people from your own community, create friendships or simply read a book. You don’t have to worry about the road or finding a carpark just sit back and relax and let Busbee take you to work or Uni happy.

Bee Fresh!
Every busbee takes you nonstop to Perth or Joondalup, you can check your emails make phone calls or watch a movie. Arrive for work or Uni fresh and ready to go.

Your commute reimagined

As the Busbee service does not stop at other places to pick up more people our drivers are able to monitor all road and traffic conditions and choose the most efficient route available on any given day.

The Ellenbrook to Perth Service starts at 63 The Parkway and will drop you off just near the Art Gallery in Perth at 25 Francis Street outside the WA Library to allow you to link with the free CAT service, trains or enjoy a short stroll to work.

In the afternoon the journey start at the drop off point and returns you to Ellenbrook.

Ellenbrook Depot

63 The Parkway, Ellenbrook.

Perth Depot

25 Francis St, Perth