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About Us

Busbee, is a new alternative to the congestion and high costs of driving your vehicle to Perth each day for work.

  • Busbee is focussed on relieving traffic congestion and providing an alternative to daily commuters.
  • A trip on busbee is slightly more expensive than public transport, but less than the cost of driving your own vehicle and parking in the Perth CBD.
  • Ride with Busbee and save time and or money with each trip taking around 32 to 34 minutes for your morning commute from Ellenbrook to Perth.
  • Busbee guarantees a seat as all seats are presold and the number of tickets are limited to less than the number of seats available on any vehicle Busbee charters.

Introducing Busbee, your daily commute reimagined.

Busbee has taken the stress out of getting to work or going shopping or seeing a doctor. Busbee takes cars off the road, which means less congestion and happier workers.

Busbee seeks to assist the people of Ellenbrook with a direct nonstop daily trip into the Perth CBD.

Our buses leave at 6:30 am and 7:00 am going direct to the city without stopping to pick up other passengers.

This allows for a quick comfortable ride directly into the CBD giving the user back time in their day and saving the driver all the money and stresses involved in the daily commute.


How Busbee works:

  1. Users select their pick-up and drop-off location on the Busbee app.
  2. They then choose the date and time they wish to travel.
  3. Once they've booked a trip, they pay online.
  4. The Busbee app produces a QR code which they redeem at time of boarding. If they don't have a smartphone, they can book via the Busbee website and print their ticket, which will also have a QR code.
  5. Users then travel happy because it's incredibly easy!


Who are Busbee?

Busbee is a privately owned and run company based in WA. Busbee has been in development since 2014. The aim of Busbee is to provide commuters with a transport solution that is more efficient and affordable.

Prior to now, there has not been a direct transport solution for Ellenbrook residents travelling to Perth city or even Midland. Busbee will provide Ellenbrook residents with a bus service that is express, comfortable, affordable and smart.


Further Information

John Hurley
m: 0439 828 228